Welcome to Joy Productions! We are a non-profit special needs Performing Arts/Production School in West Orange County Fl.

Our mission is to move mountains and enlarge souls. We move the mountains of disbelief and enlarge souls by opening hearts and filling them with unexpected joy. We find talents that may have never been discovered in places others may never have looked. Through training and education of special needs adults  in Performing Arts & Production,  Joy Productions aspires to bring out the emotion and compassion in everyone. Join us on a journey less traveled as we showcase a new awareness of everyday and once in a lifetime world events.


My daughter was born with Down Syndrome 29 years ago and I knew from the start she was an entertainer.  A group of us has joined together to teach adults with special needs the art of entertainment both in front of and behind the camera.  We will be teaching dance, theatre, singing, guitar, production, videography, photography, gardening, interviewing, and travel tips from our local theme parks.

We are now registering for our first classes starting in Oct!

Just click on the registration tab above.

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Thank you

Joyce Brown

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Interested in sponsoring our  musical ‘fun’raiser click here-



About joycee17

Hi, I am a mother of two and grandmother of three. I live in the vacation capital of the world and love to travel the world. I am a Horticulturist, Producer and small business associate. I love to learn and share new things. So I created a 'nugget' section where I give out tips on a variety of subjects.
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