2014 Oct. General Meeting

A great way to kick off fall.

Windermere Garden Club

Our Oct. 9th general meeting began with an informal coffee and a “white elephant” sale.  Our hostesses for the informal coffee were Anne T., Vicki H., Maureen T. and new member Arlene G. They did a great job and no one went away hungry. Carolin W. did a great job as chairman of the “white elephant” sale with many great donated treasures from many of our members.

Our speaker was Joyce Brown on hanging basket designs like creating “ball” shaped hanging designs used at Disney World. She makes sphagnum moss planters and plants not only in the center as traditionally done but on the sides and bottom of the planter. When the plants mature they create a “ball” of flowers or foliage. Hanging the planters using heavy duty fishing swivels, allows for fast watering and trimming as you can twirl the planter instead of moving your arms around the planter. See her website at http://yardfaery.wix.com/joy-pro#!dvdbaskets/c1yuy

Also, Joyce mentioned her other passion which…

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