Tuition is $35 per hour. Most classes are for one hour a week. Production classes can be from 2-4hrs a week depending on class level and student ability. Classes fall into 3 month sessions or semesters. The classes can be paid on a monthly bases in advance or in full in advance.  If you choose to pay monthly your payment must be received by the first class of the month or a $5 late fee will be automatically applied to your account balance. Make-up classes are available (if a lesson is missed for illness or other unavoidable reason) by permission of the instructor. No extra fees are charged for specialty rehearsals or extra classes due to production rehearsals. Checks should be made payable to Joy Productions, cash should be sealed in an envelope with the student’s name on the front. Tuition can also be paid on line through registration forms. Classes will be starting in Oct. Production classes will be held on Wednesdays. Guitar and other class schedules will be worked out with students and instructors.

• Follow directions! All participants must be able to follow directions.
• Be on Time! Many things happen within the first 5 minutes of class and students are rewarded for being there.
• Students are expected to follow the hands off rule. No one touches anyone else (even siblings).
• Students are required to participate and listen quietly when appropriate.
• Students must always be respectful of their teacher and other students.
• If a student is not following the rules, they will be asked very quietly to “sit-out”. They will sit in the classroom and watch until they are ready to keep the rules. After 3 “sit-outs” a parent will be called. We all want to have fun and learn without unnecessary distractions.


NO ONE is to touch equipment without permission. The equipment can be very expensive and will be replaced by the student (parents).


As the productions classes progress we will be working on projects like the recitals for Vocals Illustrated. We will send home permission slips and require parental/supervised participation.  Vocals Illustrated schedules their recitals in December and May of each year. CD’s?DVD’s will be for sale and the proceeds will go to Joy Productions for productions costs.


Once a year Joy Productions will be hosting a musical ‘FUN’ raiser with students from Vocals Illustrated and local musicians.  We will be putting on a presentation to display projects we have worked in for class along with projects we have worked on outside of class, like Vocals Illustrated’s recitals. Highlights form the previous years.

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