Just Dance

There are few places to watch the magic unfold as these special performers have the time of their lives.  Special Spotlight Theatre in Melbourne Fl has been lighting up the stage and cutting the rug for over 25 years now.  Watching my daughter Cassie and many of her friends dance to some great songs has been my inspiration for starting our Performing Arts/Production company here in West Orange County Fl. I am so excited to be a part of something so great.  I have been listening to what people think about this whole venture.  It’s a great way to brighten up the conversation.  We hope you join us for our musical ‘FUN’raisier and help us bring a Performing Arts/Productions company to our community.  Until then enjoy some of our videos with some very special performers.

http://youtu.be/-T_CHWOxE7w   Sixties Mix

http://youtu.be/DjrUUFr9Tuo Imagine

http://youtu.be/v6z_1C-AV_s Respect

http://youtu.be/0eWYibsXiUA   Shorty Lion King clip

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